10 Ways to Lose Weight While You Sleep

Are you struggling to lose weight? Well, how would you like to lose weight while you sleep?

If you think this is impossible, then this article is bound to prove you wrong. Here, we explore on how you can shed pounds and get the bikini body you have always wanted as you catch some ZZZs!

Sleep and Lose Weight – What’s the Deal?

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Perhaps, all your life, you have thought that to shed excess pounds, the best way to do this is by exercising for hours at the gym.

However, did you know that even if you are in bed and snoozing the hours away, you can cut down your weight?

It is all about implementing certain techniques to make it happen, which should include you as one of the many people who have lost up to 55 percent of their weight through sleep, based on recent studies.

How It Works

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Still not convinced that sleeping is all you need to shed pounds? Then check out how it works as presented below:

1. Be strict with your meal times.

Some people tend to pig out at night as they catch their favorite movies playing on TV. However, the more you keep this habit, the harder it will be for you to keep the pounds off.

In fact, you may notice significant increase in your weight over time the longer you stay up at night.

2. Do some nighttime fasting.

What you can do to lose weight as you sleep is by doing some kind of a night fasting.

This means, you will have to stop consuming anything about 6 hours before bedtime, so you can have up to 14 to 16 hours of fasting starting the time you hit the bed and when you wake up.

Scientific researchers have conducted a study on this, and they have discovered the immense benefits that this habit has done to mice what were put in a controlled type of diet.

The idea is to eat for a maximum of eight hours, and then restricting yourself from eating. In the long run, this practice should lead you to a slimmer body.

3. Skip the milk and drink protein shake instead.

If you are fond of drinking milk at night, it is about time to switch to a nice glass of protein shake instead. This delightful beverage should not only keep you satisfied and satiated for hours, but it can even do wonders to your metabolism.

It is proven by researchers who have conducted a study on this theory, and they have discovered that consumption of casein or whey protein before bedtime helped boost a person’s metabolism.

Since protein has a higher thermogenic effect than fat or carbs, you should notice some changes in your weight the next day when you wake up.

4. Suppress your craving with herbs.

How-to-Lose-Weight-With-VitaminsDid you know that certain herbs have a positive impact on your weight?

Mint, for instance, has been proven to curb your appetite. Scientists have discovered that individuals who sniffed essences of peppermint, green apple, vanilla and banana were able to lose as much as 5 pounds a month whenever they perform this technique.

What you can do is to dab some peppermint oil on your pillow before you sleep, which should soothe your mind and help you avoid thoughts of food or eating while in bed.

5. Don’t shy away from chilly temperature.

It may seem strange to you, but if you sleep in a cooler room, you may actually shed some pounds faster in your sleep. This was based on a study by some scientists who have observed the fat-burning effects of colder temperatures.

According to the study, people who slept in a room that is at 66 degrees or less were able to lose much belly fat, as compared to those who slept in a room with neutral or warm temperature.

6. Keep your room dim and comfortable.

It is a known fact that when you sleep less, the more you tend to eat, thus causing you to gain more weight.

After all, it only makes sense that you do not consume food when you sleep, which makes it impossible for you to load up on calories.

Considering this, it should help you achieve your weight loss goals by keeping your room free from any source of light when you go to bed.

Forget the night light, and just go to sleep in a pitch-black room. Over time, you will realize that this habit has a tremendous effect to your weight and overall health as you get to sleep better and deeper.

7. Opt for cooler hues on your bedroom wall.

Colors have a strong impact to people’s emotions. This is why you may notice that if you go to fast-food restaurants, they all have the familiar colors of red, orange and yellow.

Psychologists say that these colors increase your appetite, thus making you want to eat more and more. On the other hand, cooler hues such as blue, green and purple make you feel more relaxed.

This is why it is much better to consider having these colors on your bedroom wall. If possible, have your entire house painted blue or green, which should make it less appetizing whenever you munch on your meals.

8. At bedtime, be sure to turn your cellphones and mobile devices off.

You may have this tendency to check your email once in a while, and before you know it, you are heading to the kitchen to grab a bite or two of your favorite food.

Based on research work published in the Pediatric Obesity Journal, children who use the computer or TV late at night have difficulty in getting ample rest.

They also tend to be more overweight than children who barely use any devices before bedtime.

With this in mind, you may consider unplugging and turning off your gadgets before you sleep, so there will be no distraction or temptations to get up and have a bite of food before you hit the sack.

9. Perform some stretches.

StretchesHaving some problem sleeping? Perhaps your body feels a bit tight and tense?

Address these issues and get some sleep by doing some simple stretches before bedtime. Just steer clear of intense exercises or movements that only make your body more active instead of relaxed.

10. Meditate and breathe deeply.

If you are feeling anxious, fearful or have so many thoughts playing over and over in your head, then you should simply meditate and take deep breaths.

Meditation allows you to clear your head, which can result to a restful sleep. As you get to relax more, you will be able to fight off bouts of cravings that cause you to gain more weight.

By performing these smart tips, you should get the body you want even if you are simply sleeping or relaxing in bed.






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