8 At-Home Workouts to Lose Weight and Build Bikini Body

Are you hoping to get an amazingly toned body, but you barely have any time to spend in the gym?

If you have a very busy schedule, and there seems to be hardly any spare minutes to hit the gym, then these excellent at-home workouts should help give you a trim, toned and sexy body in a few weeks!

1. Ab-Roller


Are you hoping to get rid of your flabby stomach, or perhaps you want to tone your tummy a bit?

If you are planning on wearing your favorite crop top, but you don’t have the body for it, then you can try this workout to give you abs that you will be proud of. The best part – you don’t even have to drive to the gym just to make all of this happen!

You can get an ab-roller on a cheap at any workout equipment store, which should cost you less than $5. Lay a yoga mat on the floor to protect your knees, kneel down and simply roll this tool to the other end of the mat.

You will immediately feel the effect on your arms, tummy and shoulders, each time you roll forward and back towards your knees. Do at least 20 reps, and perform this routine three times a week.

2. Wall Squats


Get those amazing quads and tummy with this simple, yet highly effective workout for a gorgeous body. Wall squats do not only strengthen your leg and core muscles, but this type of workout also tones your buttocks.

What’s more, you can just lean against a wall and do this effective exercise to shape your body just the way you want it.

To start, just lean on a wall and bend your legs as though you have an invisible chair. Keep your feet 12 inches apart as you stay in this pose.

Hold the pose for about 3 minutes, and just move up to 5 minutes as your legs become stronger each week.

You will feel the workout on your legs, and you may even see your quads becoming more and more defined as you do this exercise weekly.

3. Push-Ups


As tough as it may seem, you can give your body a toned and healthy look by doing push-ups at least thrice a week. This type of workout tones several parts of your body, mainly the tummy, arms, shoulders and back.

You will feel these areas getting stronger with more defined muscles, which are exactly what you are aiming for with this workout.

Lay on your tummy with your toes touching the floor. Slowly, use your hands to push yourself up, first lifting your upper body followed by your lower body.

If you are having a hard time lifting your legs off the floor, you can just work on getting your chest up the ground until you become stronger to do a full push-up.

You may consider doing three sets of push-ups to get maximum benefits. For the second set, do an inclined push-up by resting your toes on a chair while you push yourself up off the floor.

As for the last set, you can do isometric push-ups, which includes holding the pose for up to 15 seconds or more as you boost your strength.

4. Side Leg Lifts

side leg lifts

Tone your inner thighs with this amazing workout that never fails in helping you achieve this goal.

Side leg lifts does not only improve your thighs, but also help shape your arms and core. It is only a matter of doing a few reps to give you the benefits you want.

Lay on your side while resting one hand on the floor for support. Then, lift your leg gently while pushing your hand down the whole time.

Do about 15 repetitions per leg and perform this workout thrice a week.

5. Lunges


Keep your leg muscles stronger and more toned with lunges. This may be a challenging exercise, but you can get maximum benefits by including this in your regular workouts at home.

Each repetition will help strengthen your calves quads, glutes and hamstrings with every stretch. To begin, all you need to do is to stand with one foot forward while keeping your other foot back, at least 3 feet apart.

You can also add more challenge to this workout by holding a dumbbell in each hand, but be sure to just hold the weights down at the sides of your body.

Next, bend your knees and gently lower your body to the floor. Lower straight down instead of moving forward. The torso should also remain straight, and make it a point to tuck your abdomen in as you slowly push back up to a standing position.

Work on going up to 10 repetitions and 3 sets each time you perform this workout.

6. Hip Extensions


Get amazing-looking and toned buttocks by performing some hip extensions. This particular workout targets this area, which can give your glutes a great lift and make them appear firmer.

To make it even better, this workout does not require any sophisticated piece of equipment.

Begin by supporting yourself on your left knee and both elbows. Be sure that the right knee is lifted a little off the floor, right behind the left knee.

Then, extend your right leg as high as possible while tightening your glutes as you do so. You can even add a bit of a challenge to this workout by using an ankle weight right behind the knee that is lifted off the ground.

Repeat the same movement with the other leg, and perform about 10 repetitions.

7. Step-Ups

steps up

This workout helps give you sexier legs while making this part of your body stronger. All you need is a platform plus comfortable shoes to protect your feet and legs at the same time.

Start by placing one foot on a platform and slowly push down on the heel as you lift your body up and steadily. The idea is to use a good platform with the right height that will allow you to put your entire weight on the leg stepping up.

Afterwards, gently lower your body down. The idea is to perform the movement slowly to feel the effects more.

You can also consider holding weights in both hands, which adds more intensity for maximum benefits.

8. Deadlifts


If you have a couple of dumbbells at home, this exercise should be worth trying.

You simply need to place the weights on the floor, and bend your legs slowly to grab the weights on each hand. Then, lift yourself up with the weights on both hands.

Never curve your back as you grab the weights off the floor since this will cause problems with your spine. Perform at least 10 repetitions, but try to increase the number of reps, sets and the amount of weights you lift as you get stronger.

Bottom Line

Improving your body does not have to mean sacrificing your time by driving to the gym each time you do your workouts. In fact, even if you are at home, you can get a flawless body that is stronger, more toned and sexy.

By including these workouts to your regular physical activities, you can reap great results on your overall appearance, energy level and strength that you have always wanted!


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