8 Lower Body Workouts for Women Without Weights

Looking to tone your lower body and enhance your overall appearance? If you want to get gorgeous legs, thighs, and buttocks, then you have come to the right place.

Featured in this post are some lower body workouts for women that do not require the use of weights. Check these out and consider including these exercises to your regular fitness sessions.

1. Side Leg Lifts

Side Leg Lifts

The inner thighs can be a bit of a challenge to tone since the usual leg exercises focus mainly on the quads and hamstrings. So, if you want to get sexier and more toned thighs, then side leg lifts should do the trick.

Lay on your right side and rest your right hand on the side of your head. Press your left hand down to help you maintain your balance.

Then, slowly lift your left leg as high as possible and bring it down. Do at least 20 lifts and switch to the other side.

2. Butt Raises

Butt Raises

Get firm and toned buttocks to give you a quick boost of confidence through this amazing exercise that works all the time. Lay on your back and bend your legs, so your feet are resting against the floor.

Then, gently lift your buttocks before bringing them back down on the floor. Do these butt raises about 20 times and increase the number of repetitions during the next workout session.

3. Wall Squats

Wall Squats

A great exercise for toning the quads, buttocks, thighs and even the abdomen, wall squats are easy to do and there is no need for you to use any piece of equipment.

However, it does not take too much of your time to perform this workout, although you may consider increasing the length of time you hold the pose to get maximum benefits.

To start, rest your back against a wall. Then, slide down until you are low enough as though you are sitting on an imaginary chair.

Keep your legs about 1 foot apart and stay in this position for about 3 minutes. You should be able to feel the burn on your thighs and buttocks at the end of the workout.

4. Waist and Leg Power Workout

Waist and Leg Power Workout

If you want to get a narrower waist, curvy hips, strong arms and gorgeous legs, then this outstanding exercise is perfect for you.

This does not only enhance your lower body, but also your upper body, which makes it a powerful workout to include in your fitness routines. Lay down on your right side and keep your leg stacked while keeping the right knee in a bent position.

Then, place your head on the floor and bend your elbows in front as you cup your left hand over your right fist. As your arms stay stiff, lift your torso as you push with your right arm.

Hold the left leg as high as possible before returning to the starting position. Try to do at least 15 repetitions of this movement before switching to the other side.

5. Calf Raises

Calf Raises

Envious of those Christy Brinkley’s flawless legs? Tone your legs for optimum strength and sex appeal with this classic workout.

Calf raises will make your legs look perfect when you don that short skirt and put on your high heels. Not only that, but your legs will be stronger and more capable of keeping you balanced as you walk.

To perform this workout, simply step on the edge of a platform that is about 3 inches off the ground. For your safety, be sure there is a wall that you can use to rest your hand each time you lift, so you will not lose your balance.

Lift your right leg, so your entire weight is on your left leg. Then, gently press the left foot down and lift up, as though you are on tip-toes.

You should feel the stretch in your left calf after the workout. Do about 10 repetitions before performing the same movement on the other leg.

6. Front Leg Lifts

Front Leg Lifts

Get those seductive and strong quads with this fantastic leg workout. Aside from toning your quads, front leg lifts also help work your hamstrings.

When performed regularly, you should even be able to say goodbye to nasty cellulite on your thighs. So, you will be more confident each time you wear your bikini!

Lay on your back and keep your legs straight. Then, lift your right leg and do this movement about 15 times. Afterwards, lift your left leg with the same number of repetitions.

Now, for a greater challenge, lift both legs in a slow, gentle and precise manner. Be careful when you bring your legs down and try to push hard on your hands to maintain balance.

7. Hop and Tuck

Hop and Tuck

An effective workout for your arms and buttocks, the hop and tuck can do wonders to your body.

What’s more, it is fun and easy to do, so this takes the stress in your fitness routines. Just be sure to put on the right footwear to protect your ankles as you do this workout.

Begin by standing with your feet about a hip-wide apart. Then, bend your knees and squat until you are low on the ground (about 90 degrees).

Jump and bring your knees toward the chest, and attempt to grab both knees as you spring up. Land on both feet in a squat position. Repeat these movements for about 20 times.

8. Toe Touch

Toe Touch

Another excellent workout for your lower body, the toe touch can help lift and tone your buttocks. All you need is a bench or platform to perform this routine.

Simply stand as you face a bench, then bend your elbows at your sides while keeping your hands right in front of you.

Next, tap your right foot on the bench before doing the same movement on your left foot. Do alternating taps at a fast pace for about a minute.

Final Word

These lower body workouts should do amazing effects to your legs, buttocks and hips. However, as with any routine, be sure to consult your doctor first to get maximum benefits without causing injuries to your body and overall health.

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