8 Weight Training Routines for Women to Get the Sexy Body

Are you hoping to shed some pounds and keep the weight off? If so, then you may want to try these simple and effective weight training routines for women.

These workouts are designed to give you an attractive body that you have always wanted. What’s more, there is no need to sweat profusely or spend hours at the gym just to trim the fat away.

With these weight training routines, you can slowly notice significant results not only with the way you look, but even more with your energy and strength.

So, check out these workouts now and reap amazing results to your body, strength, fitness level and overall health.

1. Barbell Squats


This may be a tough one for some women, particularly for those who have never done any weight training in the past. However, just as with any workouts, you just need to take it slow until you eventually have the strength to lift heavier weights.

A supported barbell squat is ideal for women since you can lift easily, as compared to the unsupported bar.

You may start with 10 pounds on each plate, and try to go down as low as possible until you feel your thighs getting a good workout. What this routine does is to workout bigger muscle mass, which is what helps tone your thighs, legs and buttocks.

Slowly increase the weight by 2.5 pounds per plate a week, and you should be able to notice your lower body appearing more toned.

2. Deadlifts

2. Deadlifts

Another excellent workout for giving you stunning and defined thighs and firm buttocks is the deadlift. Basically, you need to lift weights on each hand off the floor, which should include some squatting at the same time.

Once again, you should start with lighter weight that you could handle, and just increase the weight per week.

If you are already accustomed to a certain weight, the idea is to take it up a higher level to retrain your muscle and increase your strength. Just be sure not to curve your spine as you go down to avoid hurting your back.

3. Ab Roller

Ab Roller

Get those abs in perfect shape with a fantastic workout that targets your core, arms and shoulders at the same time.

The ab roller is a piece of equipment that allows you to strengthen your upper and lower abdomen as you roll forward and backward using this tool. To protect yourself from injury, never arch your back throughout the routine.

You should also use a mat when you kneel on the floor since the hardwood floor can be rather painful on the knees.

4. Inclined Bench Press

Inclined Bench Press

A great exercise for the upper body, the inclined bench press helps you get gorgeous arms and firmer breasts. It is quite simple to do this workout since you just need to sit on a chair and lift dumbbells on each hand up until shoulder level.

You can begin with 5-pound dumbbell on each hand and increase the weight by 1 to 2 pounds per week to work your muscles.

5. Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Bench Press

Offering the same results as what an inclined bench press offers, the barbell bench press is just a little tougher and takes your strength and willpower to another level.

You can either go for the supported or unsupported bench press for this routine, although you may begin with the supported one as you slowly increase your strength.

6. Pushups


If you have no time to head off to the gym, then you can go for a simple, yet highly effective workout that can boost your strength while building your arms, core shoulders and back at the same time.

All you need to do is pushups at any flat surface, and you are on your way to improving your strength and body figure. There are also options to vary the intensity of this workout such as inclined and isometric.

For the isometric pushup, try to hold the extreme pose up to 10 seconds, then increase over time as you get stronger.

7. Chin-Ups


Excellent for building your triceps, biceps, shoulders and core, chin-ups should be a part of your weekly workout routine, if your goal is to have a sexier body.

If you have not tried this workout in the past, or you are still trying to build your strength, then you should go for the supported chin-up.

In this case, there is a platform where you can kneel down, then simply reach over the handles to pull yourself up. You may adjust the weight that will impact the difficulty of the workout, and the lighter the weight is, the more challenging it is to pull up.

Do at least 10 reps, then hold the last rep for at least 10 seconds before you bring yourself down.

8. Seated Cable Rows

Seated Cable Rows

Ideal for enhancing your back, chest and arms, seated cable rows help increase your strength while toning your body at the same time.

You can select the right weight that you are comfortable with, then sit down, reach over the handles and start pulling up to the chest level. Lean back as you pull, as though you are making rowing movements.

Perform at least 10 reps, and 1 set should be fine during your first gym session. You may go up to three sets as you increase your strength, and do not forget to go up a few pounds of weight per week to build your muscles.

Final Word

There are several workout routines you can choose from if you want to improve your figure, strength and energy level. The ones featured here are suitable for women, as these routines enhance bigger muscle mass that can give females stunning curves and gorgeous arms.

The most important thing is to be regular with your workouts and increase the weight per week to further develop your muscles and strength.

As with any workout program, always make it a point to consult your doctor before engaging in new workouts. This way, you can prevent yourself from experiencing health issues while maximizing benefits to your body and health along the way.

However, you should make it a priority to find an effective strength training routines for women.

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