Hi everyone! My name is Melissa, and I have always been obsessed with anything health- and fitness-related. For years, I have done so much research on how to have a thriving health because I believe it’s the only way to defy my biological age and look and feel amazing all the time.

In fact, my friends would often come to me and ask what my secret is for looking decades younger than my actual age. Even strangers would mistake me for being in my early 20s, and when I tell them I’m in my early 40s, they would just shake their heads in disbelief!

But you see I didn’t look good as I am today a few years back. To tell you the truth, I struggled a bit on losing weight and regaining my awesome, bikini-ready body that I had in my younger years. Well, I will let you know my secret, so please continue to read along and find out what has given me back my confidence and self-esteem, as well as my amazing health back – which I continue to bask in until now!

Struggles with the Post-Pregnancy Body

Before pregnancy, I was always skinny with low body fat. So, I never had a problem wearing any type of outfits I wanted – whether it was skimpy and tight-fitting. Thus, I had the confidence to put on two-piece swimsuits and felt great all the time. What’s more, I barely had to exert an effort keeping this body, even if my eating habits were not exactly what you could consider as restricted.

However, things did not last the way they were when I got pregnant. Of course, it’s only natural to gain some pounds along with my growing belly. I figured, I should be able to lose the baby bump soon after giving birth. Well… At least that’s what I thought.

It was a tough and grueling struggle weeks after childbirth. I was nowhere close to having my flat tummy, and I actually lost the interest on swimming and going to the beach because my body was never ready for my swimsuits. It was kind of disappointing and frustrating since I tried a lot of things already to shed pounds and sculpt my body.

My friends would tell me about the newest slimming pill or weight loss product, tried them all, but failed in the end. I even spent a couple of hundred dollars just to try fitness and weight loss programs I came across online, but they never gave me the results I wanted.

Surprising Outcomes from one product – Bikini Body Workout

I first heard about the Bikini Body Workout, a fitness program by Jen Ferruggia, from a good friend of mine who was very much into health and wellness. She recommended this product to me because of positive results she got from it. I was almost too hopeless to try another fitness program since I only ended up wasting money in the end. However, I figured what the heck – maybe this one would work. So, I decided to go for it, bought the program, and did my best to follow every single instruction by featured in it.

Basically, this fitness guide features exercises that give users a walk-through to the road towards fitness and health. The entire workout lasts less than 3 hours each week, although you can always extend it to up to 4 days in a week for even tougher, fat-burning and butt-kicking challenges. What’s more, the 3 hours to 4 days workouts focus more on stamina-building and endurance, so you will feel your energy level increasing as you go along this period.

Another thing that I liked about this fitness program is convenient and easy-to-use digital format. The Bikini Body Workout program is on the go, and these are available in iPad or mobile devices that I get to watch wherever I go. Even when I’m on a vacation, my workouts continue since this program is in an accessible digital format.

Most importantly, the entire workout session goes for 45 minutes, which is perfect for moms like me who can’t devote an hour or more free time for their fitness routines.

To sum it up, I am absolutely pleased about the results I have received from the Bikini Body Workout. It works as advertised, and it’s definitely worth my investment. I’m glad I took a risk in purchasing this product because it did wonders to my body – among other women out there who have tried it!

Thank you!