Andrea Albright My Bikini Butt Reviews: Does It Work or Scam?

My Bikini Butt Review

As the temperature rises, you are probably getting all psyched and excited about hitting the beach and working on your tan. However, is your body beach-ready?

If you’re not feeling too confident about your body, and you’re looking to lose a few pounds here and there, you will need a solid product that can help you achieve these goals. Most importantly, you want a product that is safe, natural and absolutely fool-proof.

In this My Bikini Butt review, you will learn more about this unique workout program developed by Andrea Albright. Here, we explore on the features, pros and cons of the My Bikini Butt, and whether or not it is a solid investment worth making.

Check out this review and see for yourself if you should consider buying it or continue searching for a better product to lose weight?

Overview of the My Bikini Butt

There’s no doubt that to shed pounds and sculpt your body, you need to combine exercise and diet, and accept the fact that nothing significant can happen overnight. At least this is the case for natural products that help you lose weight and attain a healthier body.

Hence, this is exactly what you can get from the Andrea Albright’s My Bikini Butt. Designed by a fitness enthusiast, you can be sure that this program targets common issues that women have with their buttocks, thighs, and hips.

With the right diet and a series of workouts that zero in on enhancing the appearance of your buttocks, you will have no more reservations about flaunting your body in your sexy bikini. Since the summer season is just around the corner, there’s no better time to start shaping up your body than now.

About the Creator – Bikini Butt Review

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Andrea Albright created My Bikini Butt product particularly for women who want to look great in any outfits they choose to wear. In fact, she worked on this product out of her own desire to improve her physique, being a size 12 and not exactly lean or toned.

She even considered herself as far from being healthy, and she was concerned about having flabs in areas that most women complain about. Hence, driven by a strong desire to reinvent herself naturally, she conducted intensive research on how all of her goals about her body can turn into reality.

My Bikini Butt was not focused on hours of lengthy workouts or strict diets. Instead, this program encourages people to perform just about 15 minutes of exercise each day, plus a diet that supports weight loss and good nutrition.

My Bikini Butt that was designed by a fitness trainer soon expanded its reach and gave people hope to turn their lives around and become the best version of themselves.

Below is what is included with Andrea’s My Bikini Butt 12 week bikini body program:


  • “My Bikini Butt” Complete Program which consists of videos that teaches you how to eat, move, breathe and exercise.
  • “Smooth Out Cellulite”, a video guide with exercises to get rid of cellulite!
  • “Mini-Vacation: Spa Escape” which teaches you how to make use of spas to lose weight.
  • “100 Fat Melting Recipes” recipe eBook.
  • “Blast the Fat” eBook.
  • “Blast Belly Fat” eBook, audio and video guides.
  • “Healthy Ways to Eat in Your Car!” guide, audio files and videos.
  • “6 Moves to Slim and Tone Inner Thighs” exercise videos.
  • “How to ‘Cheat’ and Still Lose Fat” guide and video.
  • “How to Eat Clean with a Busy Life” online video guide.
  • “Stop Feeling Lazy and Sore Now” guide and video.
  • “The In-Home Liposuction Look-Alike” eBook guide.
  • “Reveal the Thin Within” eBook and audio guides.
  • “Smooth Out Cellulite”, a video guide with exercises to get rid of cellulite!
  • The fast track 28-Day Bikini Butt Program
  • Andrea Albright’s Secret Super Tips such as the Brazilian Diet & Brazilian Butt
  • Specialized Meal plans that help you burn fat faster
  • The Success Journal, a daily diary for accountability to keep yourself encouraged
  • Unlimited 24/7 support from Andrea Albright via email and the member’s forum

My Bikini Butt Review: Pros and Cons of the Product

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So, what can you expect from the My Bikini Butt program? Below are among the benefits that My Bikini Butt program offers:

1. Well-Researched

Andrea Albright has conducted thorough research to complete this program and make it as comprehensive as it can be to provide maximum benefits to users.

For instance, there are three points discussed including exercises that can burn calories and tone the body at the same time, proper diet to facilitate metabolic rate and the importance of social support to uplift users.

The third key to success is very essential since everyone needs constant support from people who understand how it is to be fat and continue to work towards slimming down and improving their body.

2. Comprehensive

As mentioned earlier, Albright designed My Bikini Butt program to be a comprehensive and effective one in providing users with a reliable means of losing weight. Thus, there are several items included in the program that is to be completed in the entire 12 weeks.

Topics discussed in the program are quite diverse such as how to get rid of cellulite, ways to tone and slim the inner thighs, guide to using spas to lose weight and diet plan for busy people.

3. Convenient

The different programs are presented in a digital format, so it is convenient to use, even for people who have a hectic schedule.

There are videos and eBooks, which you can check out whenever and wherever you want. When you are travelling, it should not be a hassle using My Bikini Butt program since you can read the eBook and watch videos on your laptop or mobile device.

4. Add-On Items

If you want a faster route to losing weight, then you can go for the 28-day fast track program. This includes some tips on how to get a Brazilian butt and guide to an effective Brazilian diet.

There is also a success journal to keep you motivated, special meal plan to lose weight quicker and a 24/7 support to have all your questions answered by Andrea Albright herself.

5. Safe

My Bikini Butt product is 100 percent safe since it teaches natural and effective ways to lose weight and achieve a more desirable body.

It does not patronize crash dieting or rigorous workouts that only leave people exhausted, sick and nowhere near to being healthy. Hence, it is ideal for women of all ages who are looking to stay healthy.

My Bikini Butt Cons:

While there may be numerous benefits of using My Bikini Butt product, there are a few concerns that some people may come across with.

Mainly, it does not give you an instant solution to your weight loss issue, since the truth is, there is no such thing as a quick fix to any problems – particularly weight-related.

If you want overnight solution, this is not the product for you (and you will realize that there is never going to be any program to give you a slim body in an instant).

Although, My Bikini Butt program has videos and eBooks included in the package, you will not be able to access the online forum for members unless you have an internet connection. Considering how most places in the world have access to internet, this should be the least of your concern.

My Recommendation

After weighting the pros and cons, as well as studying the features of the program, you can conclude that My Bikini Butt is a solid investment.

It comes with every single item that you need to lose weight, and you are assured of the safety of this product without any negative impacts on your health.

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