My Bikini Belly Workout Review: What You Need To Know Before Buying

We’ve seen and heard about a lot of workout programs designed to shape and tone your body to make it more “bikini-ready”. But here’s the thing – not all of them work. That’s the sad truth we have to accept, which makes it much tougher to search for the best one that works.

After all, these workouts cost a lot of money, time, and energy, so it’s important to be meticulous in adopting a fitness routine that’s guaranteed to offer results.

My Bikini Belly Workout – Background Facts

There’s this workout program that’s deemed to slim down, tone, and improve your figure, which is called My Bikini Belly Workout. It sounds pretty catchy, and we’re sure you’re curious to find out exactly what it does and if it works.

Basically, my Bikini Belly is a type of fitness workout designed to give a particular result instead of simply helping you lose weight. At the core of this program is a total improvement on your appearance. Specifically for women 35 years old and up, the Bikini Belly Workout is intended to help you lose your belly fat over time.

The Bikini Belly program’s content comes in PDF and video formats, which can be accessed by members only via online. The idea is for you to perform each task according to the specified schedule, and the duration of the program is up to 21 days.

However, you have the freedom to continue after the period is over, depending on your fitness goals.

The Bikini Belly Workout was developed by Shawna Kiminski. She’s a 52-year old Canadian who was once a competitive fitness model and athlete. She’s also the women behind the NW Fit Body Boot Camp, which is a gym located in Calgary.

In fact, the training videos were filmed in that location, so you’ll feel as though you’re working out at the gym as you proceed to the program proper.

What’s Included In My Bikini Belly Workout?

There are so many things going on with the Bikini Belly program, so it’s best to go through the content per section.

The Welcome Screen

After you’ve purchased the program, you’ll be directed to the welcome screen found in the member’s only area. It’s a short, but concise video where Shawna introduces herself and provides quick details on what members can expect from the program.

This is a sort-of introduction to the program, which is good, since it allows you to have an overview of the content.

Quick Start Guide

Once you’re all fired up to begin, then you can go to the Quick Start Guide section, which is the first PDF content in the bikini belly program. There are outlines and information per day and week that you follow the program.

Shawna Kiminski’s workout guide also discusses the three different workout types impacting the bikini belly such as Flush, Burn, and Blast. The goal is to alternate over each of these exercise categories for 7 days.

The most important thing is that you do one workout routine every other day. Always begin with Flush, and end it with the Burn workouts. Just a quick word of caution – the workouts get more challenging as you move along.

You’ll also read about tips on how you can recover, importance of proper hydration, and the intensity required when you go through training. Then, there’s the handy chart at the end of the first part, which allows you to keep track of various body measurements. You should be able to observe visible results, particularly if you follow through the program.

Workout Manual of Shawna Kaminski Bikini Belly Workout

In this manual, you can find the workouts you’re supposed to perform each day. It also indicates the number of reps and sets, as well as particular exercises recommended for you to complete.

In case you fail to watch the videos, this workout manual will serve as your guide to the program. It’s a sort of backup to the video, which helps to stay on track at all times. Plus, there are suggested cool down and warm up exercises featured in the belly workout manual.

Exercise Library Manual

It’s more of a comprehensive portion of the workout manual, since it continues to feature the exercises per workout. In addition to that, there are extra workouts introduced to supplement your routines.

For your guidance, there are photos and written instructions that will help you perform each exercise correctly. With about 45 pages of informative content, you can be guided accordingly to assist you in achieving favorable results you’ve always wanted.

Sculpt Series

To further improve your figure, the Sculpt Series make this happen. These are short, but very intense finishing touches to the regular program. This means that you’re supposed to add these at the end and devote a few minutes for each. As the term implies, it facilitates the sculpting of your body once you have burned more calories.

Workout Videos

The workout videos are presented in an organized manner, so you know how and when to perform each. There are three workout phases, and each video corresponding to the phases may last about 15 to 20 minutes. You’ll find it easy to follow each exercise since the videos are well-made. The professional way of filming these videos facilitate any user’s ease and experience while following these.

Since people have varied levels of workout experience, there are different techniques presented in the video that will appeal to beginner, intermediate, and advanced members.

We think it’s a smart idea to present the workout videos this way since it gives all users a chance to perform the exercises according to what matches their level. There are even on-screen annotations included while each exercise is presented. The annotations feature the reps to be done, along with timers to guide you when it’s time to move to the next exercise.

Sample Exercises

There are multiple exercises included in the bikini belly Shawna Kaminski program. To give you an idea on each, some of the exercises featured are squats, pull downs, push-ups, leg lifts, booty lift, lunges, belly bends, and mountain climbers.

The best part – you don’t need exercise equipment to perform these! Most importantly, almost anyone can do these bikini workout exercises, regardless of your fitness level or experience.

Benefits and Drawbacks Of My Bikini Belly By Shawna Kaminski

Naturally, there are always two sides in every fitness program. Let’s take a look at the pros:

– Offers quick results after a minimum of 3 workouts

– Women of any age can perform these exercises

– No intense and long workouts included that can injure your knees

– Exercise equipment is not necessary

– Helps your metabolism

– Supports optimum health

– Content can be downloaded in an instant

As for the limitation of this program, there’s no hard copy available. Everything is to be viewed on the screen.

Is It Worth Your Money?

We like the fact that the program focuses on your body’s natural functions, so there is no risk of messing up your thyroid functions and metabolism. My Bikini Belly workouts are also presented in different levels such as the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, which should meet the specific needs of women following the program.

With fast results on your energy and body, the Bikini Belly workout is indeed a fitness program worth trying out. Since there’s no need to use equipment or to enroll at a gym, you’ll find this program quite practical and straightforward.

Alternative to Shawna Kaminski’s Bikini Belly – The Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workouts

For a more constant type of body transformation that positively impacts your health, the Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workouts should be a viable option to consider. It’s not a hodgepodge of workouts because it’s a system, with an organized flow of exercise to help improve your lifestyle and achieve a continuing improvement on your body and well-being.

The Bikini Body workouts focus is on a total change in one’s lifestyle and diet. It’s not all about working out intensely to get a chiseled body fast, but its more on getting long-term results by adopting a more wholesome lifestyle that’s a combination of diet, exercise, and stress management.

This makes it more comprehensive and highly effective than most workout programs out there. In this article, you will find a comprehensive write-up on Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts.  It explains what’s involved in the program, the cost, and benefits and will address any questions you may have about the program.

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