The Bikini Model Diet Cookbook Review: Why I Didn’t Buy It!


A gorgeous, healthy and toned body can give a quick boost in your confidence level. Unfortunately, it’s never too easy to shed excess pounds, and some people go through so much trouble trying to achieve a desirable body.

So, if you have been searching for an effective and simple way to lose weight, then you may want to check out this Bikini Model Diet Cookbook review. Here, you will learn more about this product, how it works, benefits and drawbacks, and what you can expect from it.

Read along and be guided before you decide to purchase this weight loss program.

The Person Who is Behind Bikini Model Diet Cookbook

Caithleen Heffernan developed the Bikini Model Diet Cookbook for the sake of women who struggle with losing weight. Mainly, it is not your typical nutritional program that attempts to give a one-size-fits-all solution to extra pounds. It aims to introduce the benefits of clean eating, which helps to improve not only your body, but also your overall health.

Heffernan is a professional bikini model, which gives her a positive reputation in introducing a program that helps the average woman obtain a stronger, slimmer and more attractive body the natural way.

After all, Heffernan developed this product as a result of her own research and experience in gaining favorable results from it.

How Bikini Model Diet Cookbook Works

Heffernan claimed to have been suffering from a wide range of symptoms that did not only impacted her health, but also her appearance. She found it difficult to lose weight, and she did not feel good about herself at all.

So, she consulted a naturopath who opened her eyes and mind on the dangers of chemicals such as excitotoxins, which are added to food that end up poisoning the body slowly.

This component causes serious damages to the hypothalamus, or the region of the brain that is responsible for controlling the emotions and mood, body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate.

The hypothalamus also helps curb appetite and support weight loss. Hence, with too much intake of these additives, you will feel bloated and have difficulties in losing weight.

Thus, the Bikini Model Diet Cookbook supports the intake of whole foods and strongly discourages the use of artificial flavors and sweeteners in meals.

This is the reason why the author, after 10 years of conducting research and implementing what she has learned in this program, introduces this cookbook that supports an overall healthy body and mind.

What’s Included in the Bikini Model Diet Cookbook?

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The Bikini Model Diet Cookbook costs $49.99, which is the discounted rate for the regular price of $67. For a reasonable price, you can receive a number of items included in this program such as a few downloadable eBooks including The Bikini Model Cookbook, Food Myths, New Recipe Updates with fitness tips and cooking videos, and Grocery Guide.

To go into detail with the bonus products included in the package, the following are key facts about each.

1. Bikini Model Food Myths

Priced at $27, this item is added as a bonus if you purchase this program within the limited time offer. This book talks about some common myths in the nutrition industry, so you are better guided on how to go about the path towards losing weight naturally and safely. It also touches on the value of carbs that help enhance your body.

2. Unlimited Recipe Updates

Heffernan also adds that the Bikini Model Diet Cookbook book is completely free of charge, although its original value is at $47 a month. This features a range of new recipes that the author has come up with, and she gives further updates from time to time.

3. Grocery Shopping Guide

The secret to a healthy body is by eating the right types of food. With this in mind, you should know the different grocery items that you need to have in your pantry. Instead of picking random foods at the supermarket, you are guided properly on what to buy – which means all-natural and zero-artificial components.

4. Fitness Model Lifestyles

Originally priced at $97, this is added as a freebie upon purchasing the program. Here, Heffernan asks tough questions to some of the world’s famous bikini models. It features an interview that gives users an idea on what works when it comes to attaining a bikini-ready body.

Pros and Cons of Bikini Model Diet Cookbook


The following are the positive and negative aspects of this weight loss and fitness program.

Let’s start with the good side of this program:

– Gives people insights on what it takes to have a healthy body. While you may not instantly get a bikini-model body, you can reap amazing benefits to your physical and psychological health.

– Plenty of bonuses are included in the product. For a limited time, the author is tossing in some free items to further maximize the positive effects of this program to your body. The food shopping guide, updated recipes and interview with bikini models should inspire and support your goals of losing weight naturally.

– This product is priced reasonably. You will love the fact that for under $50 (supposing you get to purchase this item at a discounted rate of $47), slimming down and getting healthier has never been this affordable.

On the other hand, the not-so-good parts of the Bikini Model Diet Cookbook are the following:

– You cannot expect overnight success with this program. The truth is, it is IMPOSSIBLE to slim down in a day or two, particularly if there is more than a couple of pounds for you to lose. So, if you want instant improvement, this product is not for you.

– There is a need to consult your doctor before trying any of the recipes presented in this program. While Heffernan claims that the meals included in the program are 100 percent safe and effective for your weight loss goals, you still need to check with your doctor if these are indeed suitable to your particular health condition. This is an important means of ensuring your safety and getting the most out of this product.


Overall, the Bikini Model Diet Cookbook seems to offer a good value for your money. These well-researched and all-natural recipes have been compiled and introduced to you for supporting your excellent health and total well-being – while attaining a stunning body along the way.

In my opinion, since I have tried the Bikini Cookbook before writing this review, I will not recommend the Bikini Model Diet Cookbook.

The Bikini Model Diet Cookbook is not a comprehensive program, and there is no biological basis to support its claim to be a weight loss program. These are recipes that you could easily find online or less expensive cookbooks, and with this program you cannot accomplish that much by yourself.

I’ve bought many cookbooks and there are other better options than the Bikini Model Cookbook. For a better value and a program that worth your money, I would recommend other cookbook like Metabolic Cooking.

This article is a great review on Metabolic Cooking recipes. You are assured of the safety of this product, and you will not regret every single cent you pay for this must-have product.

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