Metabolic Cooking Review: Does It Work?

Metabolic Cooking Review


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After reading Metabolic Cooking Recipes by Karine Losier and doing some research about her book, I have decided to write a review on what I know about the metabolic cookbook recipes.

As you all know that proper nutrition is essential to attaining thriving health. If you eat the right foods, you will not only feel energized and active, but you can also expect yourself to maintain a stunning body no matter what stage in your life you may be.

After all, what you put in your mouth impacts your body and mind, so you need to be more specific about your diet that will make a massive impact to your health.

This is what the creator of the Metabolic Cooking diet-focused program is all about – proper nutrition and outline of foods to eat for your optimum health.

In this metabolic cooking review, you will find out how these dishes can affect your body, and how these help in boosting your metabolism at the same time. So, you can enjoy foods you eat and not worry about gaining excess pounds at all.

Some of the metabolic cooking book recipes include the dishes seen the picture below:

Recipes for Metabolic cooking

About the Developer- Metabolic Cooking Review

The metabolic cooking book was created by David Ruel and Karen Losier. They have been in the field of nutrition and wellness for years, which make them credible sources of information on how to lose weight through a proper diet.

David Ruel, for instance, is a fitness coach and nutritionist by profession. He is also an avid bodybuilder and has participated in several competitions in the past, which also earned him recognition in the Heavyweight Body Class.

What’s more, he published a book entitled “Anabolic Cookbook” that delves on certain recipes to lose weight.

Karen Losier is another fitness expert just like David Ruel, who is passionate about food and healthy eating. Coined as the “Lean Kitchen Queen”, she specialized in preparing dishes that are not only delicious, but highly nutritious and perfect for losing weight.

So, before I proceed with the benefits and drawbacks of this diet-focused program, I thought it would be a good idea to put together the list of everything that is included in metabolic cooking recipes, so that you will know.

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Below is a list of everything included in Metabolic Cooking Recipes

lists of Metabolic cooking

Benefits of Metabolic Cooking

Here are among the pros and cons of the product called Metabolic Cooking. Check out these benefits and limitations to help you decide if the metabolic cooking program is suitable for your needs.

1. Affordable

This program is quite easy on the pocket. At $49.00, you can get everything you need to get started with healthy eating while boosting your metabolism. There are individual eBooks on various recipes, which amount to more than 250 recipes that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks.

For any meals, you can find a combination of proteins, carbs and fats that will power you up throughout the day. Whether you are a vegetarian or meat-lover, there is always something to find from the vast selection of recipes featured in this product.

2. Smoothie Selection

Are you into smoothies? If so, then you have numerous options available in this program. You can choose from water-based, yogurt-based, juice-based or milk-based smoothies, depending on what you think satisfies your taste buds. Indeed, there are endless recipes for smoothies to fill you up with much-needed nutrients whether it is carbs, protein and good fats.

3. Healthy Snack Suggestions

If you are suffering from health concerns or medical conditions, you will realize that there are several ideas for nutritious snacks, as presented in the metabolic cooking. Some of the great-tasting and healthy snacks featured in the Metabolic Cooking program include snack bars, parfaits and even salsa with a combination of ingredients that contribute to your overall health.

4. Additional Items

In addition to the 9 cookbooks that feature an array of healthy and fat-burning recipes, you will receive additional products including Paleo recipes, tasty meals on a cheap, egg-based recipes and easy-to-make dishes that the whole family will love. There are 20 extra bonus books that you will receive aside from the basic 9 recipe books.

5. Nutritional Details

Every single recipe that is presented in the Metabolic Cooking Recipes includes information on nutrients your body gets. You will know the exact amount of calories, carbs and protein in each dish, which are key information you need to know before you eat any food. If you are following a certain amount of calories each day, this is essential information for you.

6. Ingredients List Included

To help you prepare each recipe properly, you are provided a list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how these dishes are done.

What’s more, the ingredients required are easy to use and handy. You can quickly find these items at any grocery stores or market. Lastly, the instructions are presented in a clear and concise manner, so you can prepare each in a few minutes.

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Metabolic Cooking Review – What I don’t Like


It may be worth looking into the limitations of this metabolic cooking program to help you make an informed decision:

1. Poor Color Combination

The books have a good amount of information in them, but the colors are poorly selected that make it a bit hard for you to read the text.

It would have been better if the colors selected have more contrast to the text, so you can focus more and find it easier to read.

2. Minimal Explanation

It is also worth noting that there are no explanations on how the foods boost your metabolism. This is rather ironic since the book is entitled Metabolic Cooking, but the actual explanation as to how the foods impact your metabolism is not presented.

While it may not be a main concern to most people, the fact that there is no primary eBook included in the program may be a bit of an issue to other users. If you are, however, just particular about the recipes, then this should not be an issue at all.

The Verdict

Overall, the Metabolic Cooking is a good source of information on foods that will benefit your body and well-being. You will appreciate the extensive selection of recipes presented in the book, which will appeal to people of all walks of life.

Whether you are a busy mom, or just someone who wants to eat healthy minus the stress of preparing elaborate meals, this program should be a real deal.

So, check out this product today and discover easy and safe ways to lose weight and stay healthy along the way. Metabolic cooking is worth your precious dollar, and you will not regret every single cent you pay for this must-have product.

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Updated: 6/15/2020

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