Top 5 Best Bikini Bodies of All Time

How would you like to have a sizzling hot body that looks amazingly flawless in ANY type of bikini? If you want to be a head turner in your gorgeous swimsuit, then you need to start getting that body back into shape.

Get the inspiration from these beach goddesses who are known to turn up the heat each time they pass by.

1. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Who says moms can never wear a bikini and look smokin’ hot on it? Jessica Alba is a solid testimonial that even if a woman has kids, she can still sport any swimsuit style and have a jaw-dropping body.

This mom of two kids still looks flawless as ever, and she does not even try so hard to look amazing.

Her secret? A balanced diet, regular fitness training (which includes hip-hop dancing, sprint intervals and indoor cycling) and time management to make all of these happen.

She does a lot of core exercises to get the flat and toned tummy, along with some leg and arm workouts for a strong and sleek body.

2. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Sexy and healthy, these are the two best adjectives that you can connect to Eva Longoria’s name. However, getting to where she is at with her amazing body is not an effortless feat.

Longoria admits that to maintain her sculpted physique, she needs to workout every day with the help of her personal trainer. The movie star also does what she loves best to keep her toned body, which is paddle boarding.

3. Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union

At first glance, you will never assume that Gabrielle is already in her 40s. With her bikini body, anyone can mistake her for being a 20-something gorgeous woman.

Aside from eating healthy, she works out regularly to keep her curves looking perfect. For instance, she does a lot of inclines and squats to tone her buttocks and legs.

These are her best assets, and you can just tell whenever she flaunts her body at the beach.

4. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Another ultra-sexy mom in this list of the best bikini bodies of all time, Miranda Kerr is just as seductive as she can be.

After all, she walks down several runways and graces the Victoria Secret fashion shows, so it is not a surprise that her body makes people stop and stare.

To keep her body in great shape, Miranda does a mixture of fitness workouts including boxing, yoga and Pilates. These work wonders to her legs, core and buttocks.

5. Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn

More than a beautiful face, Olivia Munn is famous for turning the heat up whenever she puts on her swimsuit and heads to the beach.

Unlike most beach babes, however, Olivia does something else to enhance her curves. Instead of working with a trainer, she spends 45 minutes a few times each week dancing with her friends.

Although this may seem unconventional, you can see the positive effect on her body, so obviously, her technique works well for her.

Simple Ways to Get a Sexy Body – Bikini Body Workouts

The truth is, getting a sleek and gorgeous body is fairly easy. In fact, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars or stay at the gym for hours just to lose weight and tone your body.

Contrary to what most people assume, the way to a bikini body is too simple and straightforward – and you can just stay at home to reap amazing results.

Personally, I can attest to the fact that it only requires a solid fitness and weight loss program to achieve a smokin’ hot bikini body.

This is why I highly recommend Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts to ladies who have been longing to break away from their less-than-perfect body and want to feel great whenever they look at themselves in the mirror.

Just like several women out there, I struggled with my weight issues. I have tried so many weight loss products, fad diets and slimming pills of all sorts, but they all ended up with one outcome – or should I say ZERO effects.

The moment I stop taking these pills or switch back to my regular diet, I regain the weight I have lost almost instantly.

The worst part is I have spent a lot of money with these basically useless products, which have given me nothing but disappointments and frustrations in the end.

This is why I am so glad that I have found this product by Jen Ferruggia. The Bikini Body Workouts is a fool-proof weight loss program that involves simple exercises and diet tips to give you a sculpted and sexy physique.

For just $30, you can get into this completely natural and safe method to shed pounds and tone your body.

Since this product is created by a fitness guru who has conducted plenty of research and studies to develop this program, you can say that the pieces of information and tips provided are tried and tested.

This is very important since you want a product that has credibility, which means you are not simply following a technique by someone who has little understanding of what he or she is talking about.

Outstanding Results in a Few Weeks

What I love most about the Bikini Body Workouts is the simplicity of this program. There are a series of exercises that you need to perform 4 days a week for 90 days, and these are simple enough to be done at home.

You also do not need to use elaborate exercise equipment, which adds to the convenience with this program.

In 10 minutes, my daily session is done, so I can return to my chores and other activities. Being a mom of three, this is a HUGE benefit for me since I do not have the luxury of time to workout for more than a few minutes.

So, not only am I able to do something fun and meaningful each day, but I notice significant improvements in my body along the way.

I am so glad I have found this brilliant program for weight loss and fitness. Now, I can wear anything I want and look good in it.

My health and energy level have also improved tremendously because of the Bikini Body Workouts. Plus, I have been receiving plenty of compliments from friends, family members and even strangers, which is an outstanding confidence-booster, too!

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